Tejera & Associates, LLC

Consultants to Retirement Plan Sponsors



Tejera & Associates, LLC
Consultants to Retirement Plan Sponsors


Our Focus

Since 2005 Tejera & Associates has focused on helping employers meet their fiduciary responsibility in the selection of their retirement plan providers and advisors, including:
  • recordkeepers,
  • pension administrators,
  • investment consultants,
  • trustees and custodians, and
  • actuaries.  
A successful search is time consuming. By using our specialized expertise, plan sponsors can have confidence in their selection decision and document a sound due diligence process while keeping their staff focused on their primary responsibilities. 

Independence and Due Diligence

As a fee-for-service firm that does not accept fees from any source other than our plan sponsor clients, Tejera & Associates' consulting services are completely objective and without any potential for a conflict of interest. 

Profile information is used to screen and select highly quailfied candidates.  We maintin detailed data on administration services providers to streamline the search process, and conduct due diligence site vists to ensure current knowledge of their service models, capabilities, and business direction.  Providers do not pay to be included in our data and no revenue sharing arrangements exist.

Collaborative, Customized Approach

Tejera & Associates partners effectively with a variety of individuals and team structures, including HR, finance, retirement plan committees, independent investment consultants, and outside ERISA counsel. 

Because every plan sponsor is unique, Tejera & Associates utilizes a proven search process that is customized to meet the requirements of each client.