Tejera & Associates, LLC

Consultants to Retirement Plan Sponsors



Industry Experience

Tejera & Associates is led by Martha L. Tejera.  Martha is a former Enrolled Actuary and brings the high quality experience and knowledge gained more than 30 years of consulting with industry leaders.  Her knowledge in the following areas is invaluable in helping plan sponsors assemble a qualfied team of professionals to support their retirement program:

  • retirement industry standards and best practices,
  • service providers and their distinquishing characteristics,
  • the nuances of plan design and administration,
  • principals of driving participant outcomes, and
  • the practicalities of bundling.

Areas of Expertise

Because no provider works in isolation, we have developed broad based knowledge of the major players in each space, including their business models, target markets, and capabilities.  We draw from a pool of select, qualified resources to provide additional capacity and subject matter expertise in the following areas:

  • Recordkeeping,
  • Pension administration,
  • Investment consulting,
  • Actuarial services,
  • Trust and custody, and
  • Contracts and negotiation.