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Consultants to Retirement Plan Sponsors



Representative Achievements

Below are examples of the types of projects we have completed and the value Tejera & Associates can deliver.

> Client wanted to encourage and support employees' ability to better manage their accumulating HSA balances for the long-term. We conducted an RFP for integrated 401(k) recordkeeping and HSA administration. The annual enrollment process was revised to include 401(k), allowing participants to make more informed decisions on how to allocate their savings between 401(k) and HSA plans.

> Pension administration for a soft-frozen plan was being done using a co-sourced model. The HR team wanted to make the process more efficient and provide participants with more tools. We helped the HR team assess fully outsourced pension administration service providers, both with and without bundling with the defined contribuiton plans.  They decided to retain the incumbent pension provider and move to a fully outsourced model. The HR team preferred the "best in class" approach, and felt file sharing between its pension administration and recordkeeping providers was a better approach than bundling. By staying with the incumbent the costs and risks associated with a conversion were reduced. Outsourcing also supported the goal of moving pension payroll to the custodian.

> Assisted with a search for a discretionary investment advisor for a client that was merging six frozen defiend benefit plans into a master trust.  Investment advisory fees and investment management expenses were reduced.  But just as importantly, the changes provided better access to information and tools to assist with oversight, management, and decision making.

> A not-for-profit healthcare system was enhancing the current approach toward managing its working capital fund by adding a long-term diversified portfolio to its current short-term fixed income portfolio.  The fixed income portfolio had been managed internally, but there was limited equity experience on the team.  Through the RFP process, we helped the client better understand the differences between discretionary and non-discretionary service models and evaluate potential providers.  The Committee decided to place the entire mandate with an investment consultant under a discretionary model. This resulted in a cost-effective and well-managed investment process with a strong governance structure. It also freed staff to attend to other pressing tasks.

> After a recent fee increase, a Committee overseeing a unique combination of plans wanted to confirm the fees being paid to their investment consultant were appropriate for the services provided.  However, they did not want to issue an RFI as they were generally satisfied with their investment consultant. We compared the fees they were paying to 24 proposals received in the prior two years for a similar scope of services. Our analysis confirmed the fees being paid were reasonable. Our approach was efficient for both the Committee and the investment consultant community as they did not have to respond to an RFI for business that was unlikely to move.

>Managed a simultaneous review of recordkeepers and investment consultants for a retirement program comprised of multiple DC plans.  The Committee's goal was to conduct due diligence. They also had limited resources (both time and budget) so we sent RFIs to a small number of highly qualified candidates.  To the surprise of the Committee, the responses revealed opportunities for signficant improvements. Candidates were invited to present to the Committee, which decided to replace both the recordkeeper and the investment consultant.  Our approach enabled the Committee to pivot from a limited scope review to a full assessment.